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Mixing Ethnic Global Grooves, with the vocal styling of Soul/R&B, IndigeSoul set out to spread their music to audiences all over! Forming in the beginning of February of 2014 by World music Hybrid/Percussionist Jimmy Lopez, who clearly states "This band has become musical soulmates, and we are creating a musical recipe that anyone can get into"

Luminisa is the band's main vocalist and lyricist, who not only evokes, but dynamically infuses the music with her spirit of Soul, R&B, and other influences.

Joe Tisdal A Multi- Instrumentalist who is the band's songwriter, and switches from being a groovy melodic Acoustic guitar player, bass player, and keyboardist, going anywhere from Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, and World-Beat.

Jimmy Lopez A multi-instrumentalist that is the bands exoctic hybrid-percussionist, bandleader, songwriter, main arranger, and brings in the ethnic world-beat flavor, and other influences. 

After their formation IndigeSoul quickly not wasting any time, and took the next four months to write and arrange their music, and immediately started to perform live on stages, Television, and bringing together their audience who they call "Fam" short for (Family).

This band has a lot of great material that they are working on, and is a band to watch out for! 

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